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5 Interesting Concepts from Electrolux Design Lab 2010

Electrolux Design Lab 2010 is global competition geared towards undergraduate and graduate industrial design students to create home appliances that consider shrinking domestic spaces. These ideas will actually shape how people prepare and store food, wash clothes, and do dishes in the future ( year 2050) when 74% of the world’s population are predicted to […]

World’s Biggest Radiotelescope Unveiled

Researchers in the Netherlands officially launched the biggest radiotelescope on the planet yesterday, stating it was able to uncover weak signals from almost as far back as the Big Bang. The LOFAR (LOw Frequency ARray) is made of 25,000 little antennas approximately between 50 centimetres and 2 metres across, rather than a conventional large dish, […]

Wireless Light Sensor to Minimize Power Use in Offices

A San Francisco firm has designed a wireless light-monitoring system that it claims can reduce the power usage of office buildings by about 40 %. The technology, developed by Adura Technologies, can dim or turn off lighting to correspond with changes in the hours of daylight and makes it possible for workers to remotely switch […]

Just 4 U Diabetic Temporary Tattoos

Diabetes is really a critical condition and whenever one does not put on his or her health medical alert bracelet, it could be dangerous. The challenge for many parents of diabetic kids is the fact that donning the health medical alert bracelet does not usually get the job done. Inventor Ruth O’Hara thought a tattoo […]

Humet Portable Vital Sign Monitor

In case you or any member of your household has heart problems, you already know the endless worries regarding your wellbeing. This gadget, so tiny as a mobile phone, is built to keep track of your vital signs regularly, and not just that, it logs them and analyses them. In this way it is possible […]