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Robot Suit for Aging Farmers

This is perhaps one of the new invention ideas inspired by fictional superhero robots like Iron Man and Robocop. The only difference is this so-called Power Assist Suit is specifically developed for everyday heroes in Japan – the farmers. Professor Shigeki Toyama and his team invented the power-enhancing suit at the Tokyo University of Agriculture […]

HyGreen Intelligent Hand Hygiene System

HyGreen is made to provide the very first line of protection in the management of healthcare associated infections (HAIs). The system actively reminds busy healthcare personnel to wash their hands and records all hand washing activities as well as patient-staff interactions within the hospital setting providing hospitals the best extensive and conclusive device to properly […]

Aptera 2e Electric Car Concept

Aptera 2e is a super-efficient battery powered electric car expected to be on sale this year. This concept car boasts several cool features that will make any car enthusiast fall in love with this new invention. These include a gullwing doors that opens upward, unique 3-wheel design to make it very stable at the same […]

Metal Detector Glove for Knife-wielding Criminals

The British government has released the first ever palm-sized metal detector mainly utilized for stop and search operations to identify any hidden blades or knives under clothing. Each so-called e-Glove costs around £100 e-Glove and it fits inside the palm of the hand silently vibrating when it passes over anything metal. The detector, which measures […]