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Contact Lens for Diabetics

I’d worked in the pharma industry for 5 years and I know how hard it is to manage diabetes. No wonder there are so many innovations focused on monitoring changing blood sugar level. Among these new invention ideas is a hydrogel contact lens sensor that changes colors as the user’s glucose levels varied. No need […]

Spiral Eye Sewing Needle Invention

The Spiral Eye needle is an invention to make threading a needle easier. No need to squint for this innovative design for the eye of the needle, allowing the user to simply slide a looped thread down the needle toward the eye, and the needle basically threads itself. Created by Pam Turner and inspired by […]

Cardboard Record Player

Her’s a brilliant new idea that eliminates the use of turntable – a cardboard record player. Created by GGRP Sound, this record player is made of corrugated cardboard that folds into an envelope. Assemble it and you can spin a record using a pencil! Vibrations go through the needle and amplified in cardboard material. However, […]

Lawn Mower Scooter Concept

If you happen to hate lawn mowing, you will surely like the lawn mower scooter concept. The electric motor drives the blades and scooter. All the cuttings are stored in a transparent bin in the front. It’s specifically designed for small residential gardens and lawns. The inventor hopes to make lawn mowing convenient and enjoyable […]

Adhesive-less Post-It

There’s a new threat to our beloved yellow Post-It and it’s called micro-suction tape. I know it doesn’t sound as cool as Post-It but it offers something new to the table. Developed in Japan, this sticky tape believe it or not contains no adhesive! Here’s the highight of an article in The tape is […]