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Just 4 U Diabetic Temporary Tattoos

Diabetes is really a critical condition and whenever one does not put on his or her health medical alert bracelet, it could be dangerous. The challenge for many parents of diabetic kids is the fact that donning the health medical alert bracelet does not usually get the job done. Inventor Ruth O’Hara thought a tattoo […]

Humet Portable Vital Sign Monitor

In case you or any member of your household has heart problems, you already know the endless worries regarding your wellbeing. This gadget, so tiny as a mobile phone, is built to keep track of your vital signs regularly, and not just that, it logs them and analyses them. In this way it is possible […]

HyGreen Intelligent Hand Hygiene System

HyGreen is made to provide the very first line of protection in the management of healthcare associated infections (HAIs). The system actively reminds busy healthcare personnel to wash their hands and records all hand washing activities as well as patient-staff interactions within the hospital setting providing hospitals the best extensive and conclusive device to properly […]

Contact Lens for Diabetics

I’d worked in the pharma industry for 5 years and I know how hard it is to manage diabetes. No wonder there are so many innovations focused on monitoring changing blood sugar level. Among these new invention ideas is a hydrogel contact lens sensor that changes colors as the user’s glucose levels varied. No need […]

Blind Soldier Able to See with His Tongue

This new invention idea is nothing but amazing! Imagine using your tongue not to taste but see the world! Quite confusing of course but there’s an article posted in BBC about a soldier blinded by a grenade. He’s now using a “tiny video camera attached to a pair of sunglasses linked to a plastic ‘lolly […]