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Famous Inventions

Listed below are the most famous inventions of all time that changed world history and the way people live: The Telephone The telephone is a device that turns speech and other sounds into electrical signals for transmission by cable to another destination, ın which another phone receives the electrical signals and transforms them back again […]

World’s Biggest Radiotelescope Unveiled

Researchers in the Netherlands officially launched the biggest radiotelescope on the planet yesterday, stating it was able to uncover weak signals from almost as far back as the Big Bang. The LOFAR (LOw Frequency ARray) is made of 25,000 little antennas approximately between 50 centimetres and 2 metres across, rather than a conventional large dish, […]

Bottle Opener-Lighter Concept from Aneta Kostanska

The bottle opener-lighter from Aneta Kostanska is really an amazing concept. Opening a bottle using a lighter is possible, however it will always be a challenging activity and calls for some practice. The bottle opener-lighter has fashionable design as well as a functionality which will allow it to be the envy of all other lighters. […]

Robot Suit for Aging Farmers

This is perhaps one of the new invention ideas inspired by fictional superhero robots like Iron Man and Robocop. The only difference is this so-called Power Assist Suit is specifically developed for everyday heroes in Japan – the farmers. Professor Shigeki Toyama and his team invented the power-enhancing suit at the Tokyo University of Agriculture […]

Metal Detector Glove for Knife-wielding Criminals

The British government has released the first ever palm-sized metal detector mainly utilized for stop and search operations to identify any hidden blades or knives under clothing. Each so-called e-Glove costs around £100 e-Glove and it fits inside the palm of the hand silently vibrating when it passes over anything metal. The detector, which measures […]