HyGreen Intelligent Hand Hygiene System

HyGreen is made to provide the very first line of protection in the management of healthcare associated infections (HAIs). The system actively reminds busy healthcare personnel to wash their hands and records all hand washing activities as well as patient-staff interactions within the hospital setting providing hospitals the best extensive and conclusive device to properly keep track of adherence to hand hygiene standards.

Study from the Center for Disease Control reveals that “hand washing is the single most important procedure for preventing infections, yet reports continue to indicate that healthcare worker adherence to hand washing guidelines are low.”

This new invention is wireless and does not obstruct the workflow of the busy healthcare employee. Right after washing their hands with alcohol-based sanitizers (soap or gel), healthcare workers put them under the HyGreen sensor that sniffs for alcohol and sends a wireless “all clean” message to a badge worn by the healthcare worker. A wireless monitor installed above the patient bed looks for the message–if it is missing, the badge vibrates, notifying the healthcare worker to clean. All interactions are documented in real-time, displaying who’s washing and who is not.


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