Metal Detector Glove for Knife-wielding Criminals

The British government has released the first ever palm-sized metal detector mainly utilized for stop and search operations to identify any hidden blades or knives under clothing. Each so-called e-Glove costs around £100 e-Glove and it fits inside the palm of the hand silently vibrating when it passes over anything metal.

The detector, which measures 2.5in by 3in, is kept inside a leather mitt which officers wear on one of their hands.

Officers say the devices are speeding up the process of searching suspects in the street and helping them detect hidden weapons, drugs and needles.

Once the device is triggered the officer knows to conduct a more thorough search without alerting the suspect.

So far the gloves have been used by officers to catch a drug dealer hiding a stash of cannabis wrapped in foil and a bicycle thief who was hiding a pair of bolt croppers under his clothes.

Sgt Jim Hatton, of Leicester’s city centre team, said: ‘It’s a very simple device but it’s a very useful piece of kit. It’s quick and it highlights if someone is carrying something we need to know about.

‘It also tells us quickly if there is a potential danger, like someone carrying a knife or a syringe.
‘We have to be at close quarters because it takes readings from about an inch away.’

dailymail via slipperybrick

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