Spiral Eye Sewing Needle Invention

The Spiral Eye needle is an invention to make threading a needle easier. No need to squint for this innovative design for the eye of the needle, allowing the user to simply slide a looped thread down the needle toward the eye, and the needle basically threads itself. Created by Pam Turner and inspired by here mom.

I remember laughing as my mom struggled to thread a needle. Glasses resting on her nose, she trimmed the end of the thread, sucked on it, failed to get it through the eye of the needle and re-trimmed it. Sometimes she would curse, “Why can’t someone invent a better needle? We’ve been to the moon for goodness sake.”

Eventually, she would break down and ask one of us kids to thread it for her.

Then, just a few years ago, I realized it was me that couldn’t get a limp piece of thread through a hole I couldn’t see. And it wasn’t so funny. My mom died in 1976, but I could hear her laughter as I struggled to get that needle threaded. Surely someone had invented a better needle by now.

So, I went shopping for one. I found an open-eye needle called the calyx needle. It has an opening at the top. It was easy to thread, but the thread came out every time I used it. I tossed the needle in the trash. Obviously no one was ever going to invent a better needle.

Forty years is long enough to wait for someone else to do something. I decided it was up to me. So I did it. I did it for Mom.


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