Ecocoon Concept – Headset for Meditation

Here’s a great headset concept called Ecocoon which basically blocks external noises to give us a little bit of quiet time to recharge and meditate. According to creator,, this concpet eliminates incoming acoustic stimuli while signals of the body will be emphasized, if desired. By choice, high, middle or low frequencies may be filtered out of the environmental noise.

User have the option to even completely shut off all background noise: in this mode ecocoon makes audible to user his own pulse and breathing. Focus is led from the outside to the inside. Successively slowed down respiration and pulse-beating make it possible to calm down and temporarily retreat into a kind of virtual cocoon to be “offline” for a while.

Ecocoon plans to partner with Phonak, Kind, Plantronics, Hansaton, Sennheiser, Siemens, Philips, Koss, AKG, and Sony.


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