5 Interesting Concepts from Electrolux Design Lab 2010

Electrolux Design Lab 2010 is global competition geared towards undergraduate and graduate industrial design students to create home appliances that consider shrinking domestic spaces.

These ideas will actually shape how people prepare and store food, wash clothes, and do dishes in the future ( year 2050) when 74% of the world’s population are predicted to live in an urban environment. I find the following new invention ideas very interesting:

The Kitchen Hideaway

The Kitchen Hideaway is a virtual reality concept that allows the inhabitants of a communal building to imagine being in a kitchen, preparing a particular meal rather than having to actually do this for themselves. The thoughts of the user are then transmitted to robotic chefs within the building who then prepare the visualised meal in a real kitchen and with real ingredients. In effect, the headset replaces the need for kitchen appliances in individual dwellings, saving space through creative thinking.

All-In-One Kitchen Shelving

Mathew Gilbride’s modular, wall-mounted appliance provides flexible modes of cooking, refrigeration, air conditioning, lighting, and environmental design whilst reducing space. The appliance draws power wirelessly through ‘powermat’ technology applied to the wall, which is supplemented through solar energy as required.

Wall Mounted Air Purification

The GAIA Root concept is a self sustaining, wall mounted ‘personal ecosystem’ that creates energy from a living wall of plants providing air circulation, air purification and temperature control abilities. Envisaged as a personal touch of green, the wall units are modular so can be fitted in to homes and apartments of different sizes as required to provide individualised clean air whilst taking a minimum of space.

Hand Held Washing Machine

Taking its inspiration from the humble steam iron, the Lupe is a hand held waterless ‘washing machine’. At the same time as it cleans clothing, the Lupe also dries and irons, removing the need for individual space intensive appliances. A translucent body magnifies dust, bacteria and other impurities on the textiles, to confirm if such unwanted elements have been removed.

All in One Laundry Concept

The Clean Closet is essentially a closet that washes clothing. Textiles are scanned for impurities and cleaned accordingly with molecular technology that removes dirt and odours. The concept replaces the laundry basket, the wash ing machine, and drying cabinet to save space and, as no water is used in the process, is kinder to the environment.

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