Wireless Light Sensor to Minimize Power Use in Offices

A San Francisco firm has designed a wireless light-monitoring system that it claims can reduce the power usage of office buildings by about 40 %. The technology, developed by Adura Technologies, can dim or turn off lighting to correspond with changes in the hours of daylight and makes it possible for workers to remotely switch lights off and on.

The system’s “smart grid” technology assigns an Internet protocol address to every lighting and electrical socket, offering building managers with a comprehensive snapshot of simply how much power is being utilized in some building and ways in which that usage can be minimized.

“I can give you your carbon footprint by cubicle or by room,” said Adura chief executive Jack Bolick. In a latest examination by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, providing workers wireless power over the 3 lights nearest to their workstation and enabling them to switch all of them on or off separately lower the electricity used by the building’s lighting by as much as 72 %. U.S. companies shell out around $33 billion per year on lighting.


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