Just 4 U Diabetic Temporary Tattoos

Diabetes is really a critical condition and whenever one does not put on his or her health medical alert bracelet, it could be dangerous. The challenge for many parents of diabetic kids is the fact that donning the health medical alert bracelet does not usually get the job done. Inventor Ruth O’Hara thought a tattoo is a great idea to have the data impressed on her boy’s arm.

Thus, Just 4 U Diabetic Tattoos was created. It typically lasts for five to seven days, obviously adequate to cover the school week, so when it wears or washes off, it can very easily get replaced. In fact, the tattoo can simply be removed with a little bit of alcohol or baby oil. The washable tats are multi-colored and include an choice of fun backgrounds with the medical alert logo.

“While I understand the intent of the law, and under any other circumstance would not want my child to have a tattoo, I truly believe that a tattoo might well be life saving for a person with a life-threatening disease,” said O’Hara who has a 12-year-old diabetic son.


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  1. Good idea with the Tattoos! They do look like they are from 1980s though

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