BeatBelly Exercise Equipment

A unique brand new piece of workout equipment is believed to have the ability to help reinforce core muscle tissues and boost overall flexibility is growing in popularity throughout Europe. The BeatBelly, developed in the Netherlands, is said to deliver more than a good work out, but at the same time may serve as a source of physical therapy for the injured or aging adults.

The BeatBelly allows you to perform exercises that strengthen your torso and abdomen and increases flexibility. Training with the BeatBelly is intuitive, highly effective and easy to sustain. It is not just an attractive looking product for a comfortable work-out. The product is also a very effective method for Core Stability Training. Thanks to the comfortable sitting position, you can dose your training effort very well, which helps you to keep up your training programme.

Even though related kinds of exercise gear might have recently existed out there, BeatBelly’s ergonomic, extremely versatile style is exactly what sets it apart – enabling it to be utilized in a fitness center, a corporate workplace, or your very own family room.


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